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Cosmic Clock Art+Science+Humanity

Stunning time-lapse photography from large diaphragm telescopes in Australia which I set to music for Singapore's Museum of Science conference on art and science.

“Our Cosmic Clock work aims to explore the intersections of science, art and humanity in an effort to help understand and feel the interconnectedness of all these elements.”

Space has always fascinated me. I often feel like I was born 200 years too early, missing space flight and exploration of our solar system and beyond. Thus, when the opportunity to participate alongside Dr. Christian Sasse in the Visual SG 2017 Conference in Singapore, I jumped at the chance.

Dr. Sasse is a physicist and photographer, focusing on astronomy and eagles. His academic background as an electrical engineer and physicist, particularly his knowledge of optics and the physical properties of light, has shaped his photography. Combined with his passion for art and the natural world, Christian's work is both stunning and evocative.

In 2017 Christian's photography was featured in National Geographic articles on astronomy and eagles and by Nikon USA. In 2011 he broke a world record for amateur astronomy; the most distant amateur observation ever achieved on a truly accessible, amateur sized telescope. More here. Dr. Sasse runs a popular YouTube channel where he uses innovative techniques to bring wildlife and astronomy to his subscribers – an experience which emerses his viewers into an active dialogue during his live events.

The video pieces shared here accompanied a lecture Dr. Sasse gave at the Visual SG 2017 Conference in Singapore where he spoke on the topic of science, art and humanity. The original footage came from Dr. Sasse's time-lapse photography using his large diaphragm telescopes in southern Australia. These stunning images were woven into beautiful animations by Catherine Koblinsky and set to music by myself.

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