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Companies I've Founded

founder & CEO

Our mission at 2getheraudio was to bring more music into the world by empowering musicians to express themselves, and at the same time, help others in need. How did we do that? We made professional music creation software extremely accessible by asking our customers to pay what they can afford and ten percent of that purchase price goes to a cause of their choice. 2getheraudio sold to inMusic Brands in December of 2020.  You can view and listen to the 2getheaudio product line at

founder & CEO

Qubiq Audio was the parent company to 2getheraudio and the brand under which we conduct our business to business (B2B) activities. Qubiq Audio's focus was on a music software platform called struQture which provides an end-to-end solution for rapidly building and deploying virtual instruments and audio effects on personal computers and ARM embedded hardware instruments. QUBIQ Audio sold to inMusic Brands in December of 2020. inMusic is incorporating the struQture Platform into their new stand-alone musical instrument products.

founder & CEO

SONiVOX designed, developed and marketed audio software technologies to manufactures of mobile devices and semiconductors, as well as music instrument software and content to professional, prosumer and hobbyist musicians. The company’s products and technologies were embedded in hundreds of millions of consumer devices ranging from personal computers, music synthesizers, cell phones, tablets, games, toys and more. In 2000, the company licensed its embedded MIDI and audio technology to Google as its sole MIDI solution for the Android mobile OS platform. Hruska sold SONiVOX to inMusic Brands in 2011 which operates its product lines today. You can view their product line at


Co-founded with Christian Sasse, Cosmic Clock Productions provides art installations and services that blend science, art and humanity.  We believe science and art are two sides of the same coin. Through the physical lens of large diameter telescopes pointed at our Milky Way galaxy, and the metaphorical lens of our common humanity, we aim to educate and inspire people everywhere about our world, our galaxy, and the universe we live in. You can find out more at

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